Live/Dj Mixes

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Luke Mandala chill out set at Playground. Playground is an annual 400+ person event in Portland, Oregon at at Cathedral Park during the day on a sunday. Mix includes new un-released tracks I wrote plus tracks from other people. TRACKLIST included.

TRACKLIST included, this is a two-hour, exclusive Proton Radio Guest Mix featured on the front page of Proton Radio’s website for a week and is showcased in prime time. Previous guests have been Manuel De La Mare, Tim Green, Spektre, etc. It’s slightly more on the progressive house tip as it’s for Proton Radio, the biggest progressive house radio station. Most of the 2 hour mix is original tracks I wrote.

Luke Mandala live during a 2-3AM set an event called I Love Techno in Feb/2012

Here’s a video of me playing one of the tracks I wrote at the event… Luke Mandala – One Day [Baroque Records]. Second track Secret Cinema -Timeless Altitude (secret cinemas 2011 mix)

Luke Mandala Jan/2012 Dancefloor DJ Mix ~ tech house/techno/house/progressive


Luke_Mandala_-_Dec_2011_Chill-Out_DJ_Mix. 120bpm-130 uplifting atmospheric/melodic sit down music

Luke Mandala_Oct._2011_DJ_Mix ~ tech house/ techno

PART 1–Tingly (aka Luke Mandala) Live_Dj Set at Earthdance NorthWest 2011__ Water Stage

PART 2–Tingly (aka Luke Mandala) Live_Dj Set at Earthdance NorthWest 2011 Water Stage (Chillout Stage)

Luke Mandala April 2011 Dj Mix ~ tech house/ techno/ progressive

Luke Mandala DJ Mix from March. 2011 ~ tech house-techno-progressive


Luke Mandala DJ Mix November 2010 ~ More on the housey side

Luke Mandala DJ Mix Sep. 2010 “Listen to this alone” Tracklist included

Luke Mandala Live Mix Sep. 2010 “Luke’s Deeper All Original Tracks” Tracklist included

Luke Mandala at Fire Festival 2010 (4-530am Sunday Morning at uplift stage)

Luke Mandala Dj Mix May 2010 “My Mid-Night”

Beyond 2010

Luke Mandala – “Tingy’s Unsecret Love Affairs”. I made a chill out mix back in 2007 with my favorite uplifting tracks that bring me into (or back into) a good mood, very powerful. I hope they do the same for you. Tracklist included!

Luke Mandala – Demo Breaks mix March 09

Embrace Relativity (Luke Mandala May2008 Promo Mix)

Luke Mandala (used to be called Mirror back then) – Overanalyzing seris (part 2) 2003-04 all vinyl.mp3